At OnLine Translation, we offer interpreting services between Danish and more than fifty foreign languages and dialects. All interpreting assignments are performed by native-language interpreters with university degrees resident in Denmark.

Within the field of interpreting, two types are prevalent: consecutive and simultaneous interpreting (also known as court and conference interpreting, respectively). We are happy to advise you on the most suitable type for your communicative situation, as well as the reservation of any relevant equipment, such as interpreting booths for conference interpreting.

In connection with psychologist, doctor or caseworker consultations, we are happy to plan a series of interpreting sessions with a fixed interpreter. Such an arrangement will ensure consistency, and thus improve the results of e.g. treatment or integration procedures.

In connection with any medical, social or legal interpreting assignment, we carefully document who interpreted for which client. This allows us to provide the same interpreter's services between clients and at any time. This usually creates a feeling of confidence for the client. The psychological barrier is diminished, while communicative efficiency is increased.

The linguistic and professional identities of both parties, including the identification of the proper dialect, as well as the sex and speciality of the interpreter, are important factors in interpreting situations. In addition, we consider the location of the interpreting session, and whether the interpreting assistance is to be planned as a series of sessions with the same interpreter. 

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