WebWordSystem is an extremely user-friendly web-based translation tool with integrated term base and translation memory.

What can WebWordSystem do for you?

  • Quality assurance of your company communication

    When communicating with your company's customers, it is important that technical terms and idiomatic expressions are used consistently, both within the organisation and in all your translations, for example in manuals, annual reports, newsletters and many other texts. WebWordSystem's term base enables you to record your company's specific terms and recurring phrases in any language. This term base can be updated as and when the need for saving new terms arises.

  • Flexible use via the Internet

    All translators, whether in-house or freelancers, can use WebWordSystem without limitations. All you need is an Internet connection and Microsoft Office.
    When an employee from your company needs to know your standard translation of a particular term or recurring phrase, it can be found via the Internet no matter where the employee is located.

  • Faster turnaround and favourably priced translations – while maintaining quality

    The system automatically saves all your company's translations sentence by sentence in the translation memory. Every time a new text is translated, the translation memory grows, and your company's language employees will be better positioned next time they need to translate a text, as the likelihood of matches increases day by day.
    Whenever one of your language employees needs to translate a sentence that is identical or almost identical with a previously translated sentence (a segment), the system automatically shows this translation, which can then be edited if necessary. In many cases, translators can save up to 75 per cent of the time spent on a translation when matches are obtained.


Read-only access
If your company commissions translations from OnLine Translation, you can choose to have read-only access to the translations we have done for you. This means that you can use your company's term base as a unique dictionary.

Licence subscription
If you use in-house translators, the system can be a great help to them in their daily work, and they will be able to see and benefit from each others' translations. Your company can choose to take out a subscription for the number of licences you find appropriate.

Purchase of WebWordSystem
While the above-mentioned options give your company access to OnLine Translation's WebWordSystem, you can also choose to buy the system so that you can personally manage your work area and the allocation of licences to WebWordSystem. You will be given administrator rights and become independent of the language provider.

If your company uses freelance translators who work with other translation tools, you can still use WebWordSystem. The translation memory can quickly and easily be imported or exported between WebWordSystem and most other translation tools.

Your advantages

  • A very favourable price, which is far lower than the purchase price of other language technology tools on the market.

  • No expensive upgrades – with WebWordSystem, you are always guaranteed the latest version of the programme at no extra cost.

  • Free support after the purchase of licences or the entire system; our support staff will be pleased to assist you.

  • The system operates via the Internet, which ensures easy, problem-free knowledge sharing and simultaneous access for all users of the system across the entire company.

  • An ever-growing translation memory guarantees lower translation costs.

  • By using the system you can maintain language quality and achieve uniform terminology throughout your company.

  • No loss of knowledge when an employee leaves the job or you replace your language provider. The language knowledge remains in the company, as a single, unique dictionary.

  • You benefit from a flexible system that allows you to change between the various licence options as your needs change over time.

  • WebWordSystem is compatible with other translation tools.

We hope these new opportunities will be of interest to your company. We will be happy to tailor a solution to the particular needs of your company.

Please contact Diane Hanghøj for further information at telephone +45 7633 9000 or diane.h@online-translation.dk