Terminology management

Terminology management is the process of arranging a lot of terms which are used locally (e.g. within a company). The purpose of this is to organise and collect the terminology as well as obtain consistency.

OnLine Translation offers two types of terminology management:

  1. Organisation of terminology lists, which the customer holds in a given format (e.g. Word, Excel, Access etc.). These are then converted into a format that can be entered and arranged in a single term base consisting of the terminology used in the customer's company. Furthermore, we offer suggestions for an input model, i.e. a model for the information which should accompany each term (such as definition, subject area and grammar information). Afterwards, the term base is sent to the customer in the desired format.

  2. Extraction of terms from existing texts, if these are available in different languages. Normally, we prepare a candidate list of suggested terms for inclusion in the term base, and send it to the customer. Alternatively, the customer may choose to leave the selection of terms to us.